Medical Director

Dr. S. Puratchimani B.Sc., DMT., MBBS. M.Sc.(Micro)

     Dr. S. Purachimani is a qualified Medical Laboratory Technologist from Voluntary Health Services,  Adyar, Madras with MBBS Degree from Madurai Medical College and Post Graduate Degree in Microbiology from Madras Medical College.  He is dedicated for improving Laboratory medicine.  He has retired Voluntarily from Govt. Service (Madurai Medical College) as Assistant Professor (Special Grade) in Microbiology and now working as Medical Director in this Laboratory.

As a Little Leap in clinical diagnostic services in Madurai. Bose Clinical Laboratory has made many strides since its inauguration during the year 1976. BCL strives best service by accuracy, precision and punctuality. Among the blooming clinical laboratories in Madurai over the time, BCL stood always unique and distinct in having all under one roof giving accurate results. Started in 1976 with only one grown to a greater height and remembered proudly. At present BCL has as many as more than 20 employees, the biggest clinical laboratory in the city. It has a tradition of excellence in accuracy and offers round the clock service.

BCL has come a long way by adopting new technologies, installing innovative instruments, professing highly qualified technicians and experienced diagnostic experts and consultants. Computerisation (LAN system) of results is another milestone in its history. A feather in its crown is shifting of the laboratory to its own premises at "Inbarasi Building" during the year 1992.

Of late,BCL has made a giant leap in diagnostic service by importing fully automated machines like COBAS MIRA-PLUS S,COBAS-MICROS OT 18 and an ELECTROLYTE ANALYSER (Sodium,Pottasium and lithium) with ion selective electrodes.

24 Hours Round the Clock Service


Quality assurance:

 This is a process for assessing the accuracy and variability with a specified degree of confidence that the results reported by this laboratory are correct.

 Quality Control Policy:

  1.        QC for qualitative tests: - Both positive & negative controls     are run along with patient’s sample.q

  2. QC for quantitative tests:

    1. Internal QC  

    2. External QC


Internal Quality Control: In this laboratory, the following two

Methods are used for evaluating quantitative QC data daily.

 a)     Statistical Control techniques  - Mean, SD + CV

b)     Control technique – Here control charts display the control values observed along with the date and time of the run. The “LEVEY- JENNING’S” graph  is used in this lab.


External QC: This refers to a systems in which laboratory results are scrutinized by an outside agency in order to get a general impression of the status of laboratory.

This Laboratory participates in the following external QC programmes:

1.    ILE FOR VDRL TEST: conducted by

The Serologist and professor of serology,

Central V.D.Reference Laboratory

Institute of Venereology,

Madras Medical College,& Government General Hospital

Chennai 600 003.


National Salmonella Phage typing Centre,

(Government of India)

               Department of Microbiology

               Lady Harding Medical College,

               New Delhi 110 001

         3.     SEROTYPING OF SALMONELLA STRAINS :          

National  Salmonella  & Escherichia Centre,

Research & Development Division,

     (Government of India)

Central Research Institute,

Kasauli – 173 204


4.     EQC for Biochemical Parameter:

Bio – chemistry External Quality Assessment Scheme

Department of Clinical Microbiology

CMC Hospital, (Christian Medical College)

Vellore 632 004

Tamil nadu, S.India


          5. EQC for Microbiology parameter:

Microbiology External Quality Assessment Scheme

Department of Clinical Microbiology

Christian Medical College,

IDA Scudder Road,

Vellore 632004

Tamil nadu,  S.India


6.    EQC for Haematology parameter:

External Haemotology Profiency & Testing Programme

ISIITM – AIIMS EHPT( Supported by NABL Sysmex Transasia)

Department of Haematology

Ansari Nagar,